Guest Comments

“Let me tell you something‚Ķ I have had the opportunity to travel a lot and live overseas. Keith is one of the most knowledgeable, courteous, and professional guides/persons I have encountered. His devotion to the area and to its understanding and dynamics is, on one hand, scientific – but his ability to de-mystify and to explain both in and out of jargon is extreme.” – A.A. Washington D.C.

“Actor, singer, restaurateur, potential cocktail creator, mountain man, English impersonator… Is there no end to this man’s talents? He also knows a little about geology – but are the use of the whoopee cushion and fake beard bringing the distinguished science to disrepute? Who knows, but it was a fun day!” – K.P. Waterloo, England.

“This trip must not be missed. Keith is superb! Patient, knowledgeable, responsive. Keith makes the most difficult geological facts of Jackson Hole crystal clear and continually exciting. The only thing to match the Tetons is Keith’s talent as a guide. I recommend him to anyone.” – B.W., Chevy Chase, MD

“Keith, You are a special guy, as well as being a truly great guide. Your knowledge of flowers, rocks, and the politics governing the land uses made for a truly fascinating day. We plan to get your name out to others we meet.” – N.R. New York, NY

“An incredible adventure and breathtaking beauty. I loved all your stories and natural ecology lore. A real eye-opener for this tenderfoot.” – M.G. San Diego, CA

“Keith was the highlight of our trip to Jackson Hole. We learned so much and were completely entertained with his stories, knowledge, and ‘characters.'” – J.A. Delmar, CA.

“We feel lucky to have found Keith. He is a great teacher and shared his knowledge and experience with enthusiasm and attention to all our age levels and interests.” – S.E. Worthington, OH

“Well, we never thought we were the least bit interested in geology until we went on Keith’s tour. While the scenery may have been glacial, the pace of the tour certainly wasn’t. Keith’s brisk and witty narrative animated dead rocks into a lively landscape that revealed many fascinating stories about Wyoming, the West, and indeed, the planet. Wildfires, geysers, and moraines all came to life through his vivid descriptions.” – D.S. Philadelphia, PA

“Keith is a great guide and a greater actor/storyteller. Our entire family had such a good time. We know more about the Teton Park than we could imagine and will remember the day forever.” – H.B., Brooklyn, NY.

“Keith is much more than a driver and guide! I’ve traveled the world and have had many guides and drivers, none as prepared as Keith. From morning bagels to a complete library to many handouts and visuals. He taught us so much more than we ever anticipated.” – L.B. Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

“Keith made our trip thru Yellowstone NP a most enjoyable and enlightening one. His in depth knowledge was most rewarding to us in every aspect. We truly enjoyed the books, maps – all sources of information he provided as we went along the routes. We feel very privileged to have had Keith as our personal guide.” – C.H. Scottsdale, AZ.

“An extremely enjoyable and fabulous experience! Keith’s in-depth knowledge of the flora and fauna coupled with his understanding of nature fascinated us all. How eight hours passed so quickly! The children were happy to take part in the quizzes and we can recommend this tour unhesitatingly.” – Lord B., London, England.

“This was 12 hours of nonstop awesome information, amazing attention to detail, great sense of humor. Keith is the only way to experience Yellowstone.” – D. H. Westport, CT.

“This was by far the most impressive guided tour we’ve had – scenery-wise and guide-wise. To be recommended to our friends!” – K.E. Danville, CA.

“‘It was really gneiss, but we certainly won’t take it for granite.’ Seriously, it was a wonderful day of geology, scenery, wildlife, songs, wolves, Smoky the Bear! Thanks Professor.” – B.E. Issaquah, WA.

“Thanks for a spectacular day of learning, exploring, and sightseeing. It was like being in college again but with a most fascinating teacher who makes everything interesting – but the best part is no exam at the end. Keith’s knowledge of geology, biology, zoology, etc. seems endless. In ten hours of discussion, I don’t think there was one question of ours he couldn’t answer. He brought the whole area to life for us. It was a wonderful experience.” – S.G., Bloomfield Hills, MI.

“Many thanks for a splendid day! I enjoyed your company – and your easy way of explaining the wonders of the landscape.” – J.R. Cheshire, England

“Today was the highlight of my visit.” – Kansas City, MO

“What a great day – to experience Yellowstone with such a neat, interesting person. You are terrific with kids and adults alike. You really did ‘make our day'” – A.F. MD.

“Keith. Thanks a million for a great day at Yellowstone! I have learned so much information in so little time. I am so glad that I came and saw some of the most marvelous things; hot springs, geysers, waterfalls, wildlife, and some of the most beautiful views. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life!” – KM (11 years old). “You are a practical “geyser” of knowledge. I learned more about geology in one day that I learned in a year of Earth Science‚Ķ” – F.M. (her dad) New York, NY

“Keith – You are a gem – with a gift for simplifying very difficult information to concrete, enjoyable info! Your visual aids were awesome – clever and so appropriate – physical therapy putty -WOW! We will always remember those glaciers! And the ‘icing’ on our trip was you singing! Thanks for sharing you expertise and talents with us.” – M.F. PA

“Your inexhaustible knowledge about the natural environment and your tireless willingness to answer our questions has changed the way we see Wyoming. In fact, you have enabled us to SEE. Thank you for 4 memorable days at Yellowstone, in the Grand Tetons, and on Top of the World at Rendezvous Mountain. You have played a major part in making this trip an extraordinary experience for [our] family. Thank you.” – H.K. New York, NY

“This was the best thing all week. We saw everything – black bear, deer, moose, red-tailed hawk, antelope, buffalo, and elk. Also I have never been on such a great hike. The best part was rock climbing.” – L.B. (9 years old) New York, NY

“Bruno and I had a fantastic trip. I shall never look at a mountain, a lake, or a river plain the same way again. We learned so much and I am overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and knowledge for your subject and your sense of fun. If only my old geography teacher, dear old Mrs. Granger, had been half as fascinating in her explanation of glacial movement! Thanks” – D.V.C. London, England

“Keith, We can find a fault with this perfect day. You are a gneiss guy though should not be taken for granite. Thanks for the education” – M.D. Jackson Hole, WY

“Thank you for a most enjoyable and instructive day. Nothing was more thrilling than standing with one foot on 0.5 billion year-old-stone and the other on a 2.5 billion-year-old stone. The long view of your geology is reassuring that what damage we cause to our environment is but a minor defacement of an ever changing universe. I am reminded of Rabindranath Tagor – ‘a glistening tear in the check of time'” – K & H, San Francisco, CA.