Pet Friendly

Earth Tours is pet-friendly.  One of the big attractions of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is that dogs are allowed  to go just about anywhere, in contrast to National Park dog prisons.  Our “Water in the Desert” hikes are ideal for dogs because streams and waterpockets provide dog water for drinks and for a dip if it is hot.

On Earth Tours outings, our Border Collie, Gracie, is always thrilled to be invited to come along on Escalante Canyon tours.  Sage loves to bring along his Golden Retriever, Ole’, if you want his dog to join your trip.  Bobbie and Boz have little Schipperke, Raven, who does incredibly well on hikes for such a cute little dog.  Dogs are optional for folks who might not seek such canine companionship however…  If you aren’t able to bring your dog and would like some canine companionship, just stop by the Burr Trail Outpost to visit their pack of resident dogs.