Bobbie Cleave

Bobbie (second from left) leads Chi Gung mediation.

Bobbie Cleave was raised in Vermont and New York and moved West in 1969 to attend Colorado State University and then Utah State University, where she became friends with Keith and his brother Glenn Watts. A decade later, Bobbie married Boz (Earth Tours guide, Gordon Bosworth), and they have lived in New Zealand, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, and Utah. Their two children are now adults living in Salt Lake City. Bobbie worked for the Forest Service as a Seasonal Ranger for 27 years in various locations in Utah. For 6 years, she worked full-time for the Forest Service in Logan as an Environmental Education Coordinator. She has a BS in Forestry/Environmental Ed and both an MS and MED in Environmental Ed and Psychology from Utah State University. Over the last half decade, she has studied meditation and Qigong (an ancient Chinese form of moving meditation for healing and calming) in China, Viet Nam, and the USA as a tool to help students de-stress and connect with the natural environment. Being a wonderfully peaceful person, she was selected to join zen master Thich Nhat Hanh when he first returned to Viet Nam in 2006. As a licensed Qigong Instructor, Bobbie has taught meditation at Utah State University and other schools. She also received her chaplain license in 2009 using meditation and Qigong to help critically ill patients with pain and stress in a large hospital and hospice centers.

For a few years now, Bobbie has been working on adapting walking meditation in remote settings as a way to more deeply connect with the natural environment. The deserts of Southern Utah are ideal places to practice this and to let go of stress. She has recently started working with Boz on the beaver reintroduction and Russian Olive eradication programs in the Escalante area, and also loves beekeeping. Her favorite sport is swimming – so why does she live in the desert? Wait til you see the natural pools of water she has found in the Escalante drainage, the best kept secret in Utah!! Bobbie also plays the bagpipes, but you won’t be subjected to that!

As an Earth Tours guide, Bobbie is going to lead Qigong meditation sessions in special places near Boulder. Even Keith, who sees himself as a scientist, has greatly benefited from learning Qigong meditation from Bobbie. As the predecessor of Tai Chi and Yoga, it connects people to the natural environment – the Chi or Power of the Earth. In China, Bobbie saw a map of the world showing Chi Centers, not surprisingly Boulder is one of these Chi Spots.

There is nothing more rewarding than helping Earth Tour guests connect to this beautiful earth in a deep way. In addition to hiking, to sit and be quiet in these spectacular places touches something elemental in every person.

Join her to develop a new connection to the wonders of southern Utah. Bobbie, second from left, leads a womens group in Qi gong mediation.