Lisa Varga

Lisa Varga is Keith’s wife and partner.  As noted in Keith’s bio, she met Keith in Arctic Alaska while floating down a seldom-run wilderness river about which little was known.  This confluence in their lives has continued with a steady flow of happiness as they realize their dreams together. 

Lisa received a BS in Geology and Botany from the University of Minnesota Duluth and a MS in Geosciences from Western Michigan University.  She began her career as an independent businesswoman in 1986 when she moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming – seeking a place where the elevation was higher than the population.  She has encouraged many career geologists to “quit their jobs” to pursue deeper life goals, including Keith who left his tenured faculty position at the University of Alaska to join her in Wyoming.  

Desiring a place with an even lower population and away from the “land of winter”, Lisa and Keith found a place in Boulder, Utah in 1997.  In 2003, she established the Burr Trail Outpost Gallery/Coffee Shop and reinvigorated the Burr Trail Grill and Deli, striving to make the Burr Trail corner a gathering place for the Boulder community, hosting the Boulder Farmers’ Market, Summer Music Series, and other events.  She also served on the Garfield County Travel Council and has worked hard to keep Boulder and the Escalante Canyons a place where “Quiet Recreation” is the rule rather than the exception. 

Since moving on from running her Boulder businesses, Lisa primarily takes care of business aspects of Earth-Tours, but sometimes covers Earth-Tours trips. If you join her on a hike, Lisa is a wonderful guide that will share her deep love of the wild lands of her homeplace.