Matt Cochran

Matt Cochran fits right in with the slickrock sandstone and black volcanic boulders in our Boulder backyard.

Although Matt hails from the sunny state of California where he grew up napping on oak tree branches and climbing redwoods, all his adult life he has wandered and worked in the interior west. With an undergraduate degree in geology he had a career as a Mapper and Surveyor in western Montana. As a boundary surveyor he retraced original surveyors work through the endless mountain ranges and glacially carved land. He even discovered a few “armchair surveys” that had nothing to do with the geography but were simply made up. Living through these histories of early western exploration has been a fascination for him. Over the years he has worked with ornithologists, wildlife biologists and ecologists. He consider himself a naturalist at this point.

Having spent one too many winters in the north he found his way with his partner Constance into the wild lands of southern Utah – Boulder in particular. For eleven years he has roamed these lands in fascination, amid the naked labyritnhic geology, fascinated with the unerring beauty and intricate patterns of the land. In Boulder he and Constance live a life close to the land, growing their own food, building a strawbale house with local wild clay plaster. It’s a life built by hand, and deeply involved with the animals, plants, weather and life of the wilds. It is the only place he has experienced where the surrounding land confounds him as it seems to keep getting bigger the more he knows it, rather than smaller. That’s what he calls happiness.

Being fascinated with places and maps, he also loves the hidden stories of places and has published poetry and written about such wild subjects as archetypal geology and the presence of places. He has also studied dreams for decades and has many interesting questions for you if you dare share a dream. This blend and skill of wandering and mapping both inner and outer nature has crafted him into a unique naturalist. A day in the canyons of Utah with him is a feast of imagination and insight.