Private vs. Non-private Group Tours

Earth Tours specializes in Private Tours, but also offers Non-private Group Tours in southern Utah.

Hiking group climbs out of an Escalante slot canyon

Private tours are customized to ideally suit your interests and abilities.  Most families choose this option (the cost of a private tour is discounted to the cost of 3 people on a group tour).  Guests who prefer to go at their own pace or desire solitude also choose a private tour.  Because of the need to start before dawn or finish after dusk, photography trips are usually private tours, unless I can find other photographers to join the tour (unlikely).  Private tours are best for guests with special needs that limit their mobility.

Non-Private tours are small Groups (generally no more than 5 guests, possibly as many as 7) and appeal to those who desire to economize and/or meet other people.  Earth-Tours guests tend to be wonderful and interesting people with whom to share a day.  However, if you prefer a slower pace, you might feel like you are holding others back.  Conversely, if you are a fast hiker, you may not be able to reach your optimal exertion, having to wait for others to keep pace.  When putting together a group tour, I try to assure that everyone is compatible and capable of comfortably participating in the outing, but group dynamics can require compromises. The first person to book a group trip decides on the location and difficulty of hike; then I advertise it to others who might join us (see “Utah Group Tours Dates”).  When other guests want to join the tour, I notify the primary guests to make sure that the group is compatible.  If not, then the primary guests have the option to make it a private tour.

Group tours are only offered if Keith is available to serve as your guide. Keith is not available when he is in Wyoming between May 30 and mid September and other dates when he has other obligations.