Southern Utah Tours

The awe-inspiring colors and landforms born in sedimentary rock layers laid bare in deserts of the Colorado Plateau are unique to the world, blessing southern Utah with more national parks than anywhere else on the planet. Exploring southern Utah since he was a child, this magical place still holds Keith spellbound. The redrock desert of southern Utah has a bare simplicity that makes each plant, animal, and rock hold a special place in the fabric of Nature. Desert environments vary with elevation, rock types, topography, and associated water availability. Traveling through these spectacular landscapes with your Earth Tours guide will enable you to understand the nature and origin of the rock layers and the landscapes they create, and how plant and animal communities are tied to the underlying geology. People, from prehistoric Anasazi to Mormon pioneers and modern recreationists, have also adapted to the varied desert environments of southern Utah. Based in Boulder, Utah – a lovely emerald jewel set in a golden sandstone setting, Earth Tours will guide you on full-day and half-day hikes and scenic drives┬áto special places in the Escalante Canyons and Capitol Reef National Park, or can lead you on longer scenic tours throughout SW Utah.