Hole-in-the-Rock Road

The Hole-in-the-Rock Road follows another historic Mormon trail, a short-cut that seemingly required an act of God to complete as they had to blast their way down sandstone cliffs, build a ferry to cross the might Colorado River, and skirt around a labyrinth of deep canyons to reach their new home on the San Juan River of SE Utah.  In the air-conditioned comfort of Earth Tours’ SUV, our journey won’t be nearly as arduous as we explore some of the wonderful sights along this 62-mile long road.   Devil’s Garden has otherworldly hoodoos and arches.  Nearby, a dinosaur trackway exposed on a sandstone mesa shows the comings of goings of dinosaurs that apparently walked along a shoreline about 165 million years ago, a littoral Jurassic park…  Sideroads also provide access to secret viewpoints, slot canyons, or to canyons carved by streams flowing through desert canyons.  On our drive from Boulder, we might take in sights like the “Mushroom rocks”, colorful red and white slickrock sandstone, fields of moqui marbles(spherical ironstones that some call “ball bearing flats”), and will certainly enjoy incredible views and the fascinating history of this back-of-beyond area.