Escalante Canyons Guided Hikes

Imposing at first glance, the seemingly impenetrable landscapes of the Escalante Canyons are in fact a wonderful playland of slickrock sandstone with hidden gorges, canyon narrows, arches, natural bridges and other fantastic landforms that delight the spirit. Protected as part of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in 1996, the Escalante Canyons are Keith’s favorite places in the multitude of beautiful landscapes of southern Utah. The Escalante River and several tributaries are perennial steams with riparian cottonwood forests – water in the desert is a rare delight. Only a few maintained trails provide access the Escalante Canyons, but the country holds many wonders for adventurers who can find routes into its hidden recesses. Finding routes requires being able to read a topographic map and having an innate sense of how to explore the slickrock landscapes. Even detailed topographic maps don’t always show 10-foot high cliffs or shallow gorges that can stand as insurmountable impasses to your travel. In steep country, narrow ledges and cracks in the slickrock can serve as avenues to otherwise inaccessible wilderness. Having discovered many routes into the Escalante Canyons, Earth Tours can lead you into special places that you would probably never find on your own. Even if you are a bona fide canyoneer, having an experienced guide will maximize your recreational enjoyment if your time in the Escalante Canyons is limited.