Waterpockets, Ponderosas & Stream

This is my newest favorite hike. From a backcountry trailhead, we begin with morning light views over pristine canyons and mesas, then follow a magical route flanked by huge cross-beds and mysterious hoodoos. We intersect one of the old mail trails from Boulder and follow it along a clear flowing stream that cascades off Boulder Mountain. A broad slickrock wash has numerous waterpockets, as we climb through stately groves of Ponderosa pines. Traversing a broad saddle, we drop into another gorgeous sandstone basin littered with uncounted black boulder that were washed off Boulder Mountains by torrential floods. Again following the stream, its course spills over small waterfalls into plunge pools. The water has worn sinuous fluted channels into the slickrock, giving life to the sensuous shapes usually only seen along dry arroyos. Circling back toward our trailhead, we might have time to look at a petroplyph panel or discover Indian artifacts before ascending another slickrock wash having huge waterpockets that reflect the gorgeous landforms along our route back up to the trailhead.