The Power Spot Hike

We have a favorite easy hike near Boulder to what we call the “Power Spot” with incredible views over an expanse of country extending from Boulder Mountain to Navajo Mountain (nearly 100 miles). Looking down on the cascading stream lined by willows and Ponderosa pines and another spring-fed drainage choked with riparian willows, cottonwoods, and birch, you will be amazed by the variety of sandstone domes and sculpted canyon walls. Thousands of black volcanic boulders appear to be in stopped-motion on the steep slickrock walls of the canyons. Although very steep, those wanting a more strenuous hike can wind our way down crossbeds, sandstone sidewalks, and dinner-roll furrows to explore slot canyons and discover weird ironstone concretions, natural works of rock art. But what goes down must come back up on a stairmaster of a climb back to the rim. The return to the trailhead allows you to cool down and catch your breath while enjoying views of the emerald fields of Boulder.

Distance: 2.5 miles rim walk loop, 3-5 miles to also explore the slickrock basin

Elevation gain/loss: about 100’ for rim walk; 500’+

Difficulty: Easy for rim walk, moderate to strenuous in places to traverse slickrock basin