Candyland and Moqui Marbles

The Navajo Sandstone that forms the White Cliffs of the Grand Staircase was originally red rock that was “bleached” white where it forms the centerpiece of the Escalante Canyons, Zion and Capitol Reef National Parks. At the margins of the bleached zone, a magical colorful landscape of red and white striped slickrock sandstone that Keith calls “candyland” seems like magical brushstrokes of Mother Nature, in places swirled and contorted. This candyland sweeps across the Escalante Canyon to reappear in formerly secret places like the Wave and Coyote Buttes. Keith won’t advertise where you can find other magical candyland spots, but would be happy to show you these special places in person. An added bonus are fields of moqui marbles (geologists call them spherical ironstone concretions) that are one of Nature’s more playful creations. Add active coral-pink sand dunes and dozens of waterpockets and you have perfect hike.