Old Boulder Road

Boulder, Utah was the last place in the continental US to receive its mail via mule train for good reason. Early attempts to build a road from Escalante were heroic and tracks still remain chiseled across unforgiving slickrock. Anasazi Indians must have loved this place as attested by their numerous petroglyphs and shelters. A large sandstone arch is another scenic attraction. A slickrock playland of colorful red and white sandstone domes invites you to scramble and discover hidden recesses. A optional climb to the top of sandstone mesa rewards us with awesome views over some of the finest of the Escalante Canyons.  One wonders how anyone ever considered building a road across such rugged terrain – one narrow gorge is crossed via a crib of pinion and juniper logs. Dropping into the canyon of the lovely Escalante River is a pleasant finish, particularly on a hot day. Returning to our shuttle car on the new road – Highway 12, we can take an optional climb to see more petroglyphs.