Secret Route to Phipps Arch

Phipps Arch is already listed in most guidebooks, but our route may require that you wear a blindfold to keep it secret.  While Phipps Arch is the ultimate destination, this hike is equally about the journey to get there. Domes of red sandstone tower above Phipps Wash with awesome views over the Escalante River and adjacent mesas. Some find the climb up to the Arch from Phipps Wash to be a bit steep (even scarey) in places but it is worth it. If time allows, a side hike to a huge alcove colored in shades of pastel with water trickling over rock ledges is a destination in itself. If you are up for another steep route out of Phipps Wash, we will visit Maverick Natural Bridge (you probably won’t find this on your own, especially using a map) then work our way up to awesome views over the Escalante Canyon.