Slot Canyon Guided Hikes

Slot Canyons are very narrow canyons with nearly vertical canyon walls so close together that you touch both canyon walls at once; some are so tight that you have to turn sideways to squeeze through. If you are claustrophic, then slot canyons aren’t for you -unless you want to challenge your inner fears. With an abundance of massive Navajo Sandstone, the Escalante Canyons have one of the greatest concentrations of slot canyons in the southern Utah, and probably the world! Their sinuous passages were carved by flashfloods that cut through thick layers of soft sandstone like a knife through butter, to create some or our most wonderous hiking routes. Moisture on the bottom of the slots dissolves away the mineral cements that glue sand grains together, while the canyon walls remain relatively dry and solid. This simple explanation doesn’t begin to capture the magic of exploring a slot canyon – Walt Disney couldn’t have recreated them if he tried. Shapes and textures are sensuous and light bouncing off the canyon walls appears to glow in shades of red and gold. Pour-offs, scoured potholes, and chokestones (rock fall boulders wedged into the slot canyon) will challenge your canyoneering skills – but your guide will lend a hand if you need help. Slot canyons can be dangerous (even deadly) in the event of flash floods, so we reserve the option to cancel or reschedule slot canyon hikes if thunderstorms threaten (we would probably suggest an alternate hike where we might enjoy waterfalls if you have raingear). Each place has its own special wonders, but we guarantee that you will love all of our slot canyon hikes!!