Egypt 3 Slot Canyon

 Another formerly secret route that now has been named Eqypt 3, my favorite of several slot canyons in a place called Egypt. This enormous expanse of red slickrock has landforms that look like pyramids, a sphinx, and even Aladen’s Lamp (if you use your imagination), not to mention sand dunes – both modern active dunes and those that have been petrified in the Navajo Sandstone. Finding our way off the canyon rim, we drop into a slot canyon that gets progressively deeper and steeper. Being almost steep enough to require a rope, this slot canyon is not for the faint of heart. After descending a steep ramp, one has to wade through cold water in a plunge pool at the base of the pour-off. The slot is very deep and narrow, so you have to turn sideways in places to squeeze through. Knobby sandstone concretions projecting from the wall can be rather abrasive. The slot opens up in places where side washes join the main canyon, providing an opportunity to have lunch in the sunshine or skirt around the narrow sections of the slot canyon. When you have had enough (the last section requires climbing gear, so we don’t go there), our route ascends a ridge and follows slickrock valleys to eventually circles around to the trailhead. Unusual landforms and big views make the return trip a wonderful contrast to being in the confines of Egypt 3 slot canyon.