Favorite Secret Slot Canyons

If you prefer solitude, we have never seen another person at Keith’s favorite secret slot canyon. This slot isn’t as deep or narrow as Spooky, but is quite long and beautiful (9 on the 10 scale for slots) and the deepest narrowest (potentially claustrophobic) part can be bypassed if you can’t fit through it (or start to have a fit). As the slot gets shallower and more open, our route climbs between impressive sandstone domes flanked balanced rocks that seem to defy gravity perched on pillars of crumbling sandstone. In places the sandstone is a red and white striped “candyland” with fields of moqui marbles. Suddenly, the view opens across an expanse of sandstone formations with the Henry Mountains towering in the distance. After lunch with a view, we drop down into another canyon with more slot canyons. If you aren’t afraid of heights, we chimney out of a slot canyon and wind around a towering sandstone ridge, then descend into another canyon. If you don’t like exposure or are beginning tire, we would circle around the base of the ridge on a magical route that leads to the canyon that usually has a cool flowing stream lined with cottonwoods. Following the ribbon or green back to our trailhead is a fine way to finish our hike along one of the finest of the Escalante Canyons.