Slot Canyon City

In the Mormon settlements of Utah, a rectilinear grid of north-south and east-west streets and avenues called the “Plat of Zion” were plotted under the firm organizational framework of Brigham Young, President of the LDS Church from 1844-1877. My so-called “Slot Canyon City” hike explores the natural wonders of crisscrossing joints in the Navajo Sandstone that have created a spectacular maze of corridors and passages. Joints and cracks etched into the massive Navajo Sandstone create fins, needles, arches, and other landforms that delight the eyes. Candy-striped red and white patterns in the sandstone add another level of incredible beauty. A maze of narrow slot canyons cut deeply between fins, feeling cool on hot days and mysterious anytime. Coral-pink sand dunes, waterpockets, stately ponderosa pines, and Moqui marbles are just a few things you will discover. This secret place isn’t named or even shown on many maps, making it even more special.  However, approaching these slots requires a very long walk across an open expanse of loose sanddunes, so I only do it after a heavy rain so the sand is firm.  You need river shoes and willingness to get wet in the largest slot canyon.