Zebra and Tunnel Slot Canyons

I once cryptically named these slot canyons as “Beautiful and Mysterious Slot Canyons”, but now the mystery is sadly gone as they have described in guidebooks and on websites that have put Zebra and Tunnel Slot Canyon on the radar. The parking area by the main trailhead that didn’t used to exist now commonly has a half dozen cars and I often encounter confused people trying to find their way using only GPS waypoints. By inviting those who don’t read maps or know how to navigate in the wilderness, more folks get lost here than probably any other place in the Escalante Canyons. I digress… Zebra and Tunnel are still among the most beautiful slot canyons in southern Utah, so are still worth visiting. Both slots can be wet and cold, especially after flash floods, so you need river shoes. Zebra is particularly beautiful when the sunlight bounces off its red and white striped walls, looking like glowing curtains of rock. Traversing across fields of moqui marbles as we head toward Tunnel makes an interesting diversion. Tunnel is really strange because this slot doesn’t open to the sky – hence that name. When I first discovered Tunnel one winter (beckoned by unusual topo lines), Lisa decided to go around while I went through. With echoes of splashing ice water, I emerged out of a dark vertical crevasse. Lisa said it looked like the Earth was giving birth to me – so one might truly say I have been reborn in the slickrock! On our hike, we will explore a candyland of slickrock domes and valleys. If you prefer solitude, I have several routes less traveled that lead to Zebra and Tunnel along washes having lots of waterpocket and flanked by coral pink sanddunes.