Grand Teton National Park Tours

One of the youngest and most active mountain ranges in the world, the Tetons have been uplifted along the Teton Fault to tower above the valley called Jackson Hole. A few active glaciers, such as the Teton Glacier, are small compared to the enormous glaciers that sculpted the Teton landscape during the last couple ice ages. Elk prefer the edges of forested hills that mantle old glacial moraines; moose and beaver inhabit the cottonwood and willow forests lining the banks of rivers; antelope play in expanses of sagebrush covering the gravel floodplains of ancient rivers, and buffalo roam on the nutritious grasslands born of range fires and irrigated pastures. Our tour of the Grand Teton National Park loop road will explore landscapes, environments, plant and animal communities, and human history. Short walks to special places will allow you to better enjoy the wonders and tranquility of Nature. Full-day or half-day tours are available.