Sunrise/Sunset Wildlife Safaris

Dawn and dusk are the best times to observe wildlife and sunrise/sunset is the magic light time for your best photography. Mornings are the quiet time when most tourists are still in bed, weather is usually calm but cool, and the Tetons are in the most gorgeous light. Sunset safaries are kinder and gentler (you don’t have to awake before dawn), but more folks are out to enjoy the evening light and wildlife. Jackson Hole is blessed with a huge variety of wildlife that live in a variety of natural habitats. Your Earth Tours guide knows the best places to take you see the most wildlife. Buffalo and antelope are easiest to spot, grazing in open grasslands and sagebrush plains. Elk enjoy the most luscious green grass growing near the edges of forests, especially during the Fall when they are in rut (mating season) and the bugling of the bulls is a primal sound. Moose tend to disappear in into the shrubbery growing around wetland areas where they browse on willows or munch on aquatic vegetation in ponds. Seeing bear, wolves, or other less common species requires a measure of luck, but could a highlight of your trip.