Yellowstone National Park Tours

 Yellowstone is the world’s first national park for a good reason – IT’S GEOLOGY! Geysers, fumaroles, mud pots, and mineralized hot springs are heated by the Yellowstone Hot Spot with molten rock only a couple miles below the Earth’s surface. Buffalo roam across ancient lakebeds; elk, bear and wolves inhabit lodgepole-pine-cloaked glaciated landscapes; while moose, bald eagles, and swans prefer wetlands. One-day tour takes us from Jackson through Grand Teton National Park and around the southern loop in Yellowstone. Sites include Old Faithful and other geyser basins, Yellowstone Falls, and the wildlife-rich Hayden Valley and Yellowstone Lake. Two-day tour also explores Mammoth Hot Springs, the gorgeous Lamar Valley, with more time for exploring other sites of interest. An overnight stay and 5-star dinner at Chico Hot Springs is a destination in itself.