Greater Yellowstone Multi-day Custom Tour

Even though our two-day Absolute Yellowstone tour allows time to see the entire park, we still have to pick and choose the highlights that most appeal to my guests.  To gain a deeper perspective of Yellowstone; the lay of the land, its volcanic and geothermal features, wildlife, and ecology requires even more time.  Earth Tours can develop an itinerary that will allow you to appreciate Yellowstone at an even deeper level.  Staying at lodges located within Yellowstone Park, such as the historic Old Faithful Inn, Lake Hotel, or rustic Roosevelt Lodge requires prior planning or very good luck/perseverance to obtain cancellation bookings.  Staying at Chico Hot Springs would definitely one of your fondest memories from a multi-day Yellowstone tour.  Cook City has accommodations that are closest to the Lamar Valley, where we would hope to see wolves and bear.  You would also want to spend a few days in Jackson Hole, both exploring with me and doing other activities on your own.  Most of my multi-day trips have been with return clients who like my approach to guiding them to the most special places (they have offered to serve as referrals if you want recommendations).  Give Keith a call or drop him an e-mail, so we can discuss options. He guarantees that you will love your time touring with him in Yellowstone and the Tetons.