Absolute Yellowstone Two-Day Tour

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River is the scenic highlight.

Our two-day Yellowstone guided tour allows you to see all of Yellowstone including the most beautiful northern part of the park.  Not only will you to see more sights and wildlife, but having less driving each day (around 200 miles) allows for an easier pace with more time to explore the natural wonders.  On Day 1, we follow the same route Old Faithful but would spend more time at the different  geyser basins and at Mammoth Hot Springs.

At the end of the day, we would stay at the historic Chico Hot Springs Hotel located north of Yellowstone Park, a delightful historic resort.  Its huge swimming pool and hot pool that will allow us to soak away any aches or pains and just relax.  Top this off with a dinner at Chico’s 5-star restaurant and you’ll have enjoyed a most perfect day. Cost of meals and lodging are not included in cost of tour, but Keith’s assortment of snacks and beverages are free.

On Day 2, traveling down the eastern side of Yellowstone’s Grand Loop road and generally following the Yellowstone River, we will enjoy marvelous scenery and lots of wildlife.  The Lamar Valley grassland has herds of buffalo and antelope, and we might be lucky enough to spot wolves and/or bears (black or grizzly).  Driving by scenic Tower Falls, we cross Dunraven Pass with expansive views across the Yellowstone caldera. At the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, we rejoin the route for the one-day trip with additional time for walks along the canyon rim if you like, then the Hayden Valley, Yellowstone Lake, and the return to Jackson Hole.